Monday, August 1, 2011

10 (+ 3) Ways to Know You Married a Runner

I know this idea is not new. On this morning's run, I talked about how supportive my wife is of my running. That sent my mind wondering what life might be like from her perspective. So, with great gratitude to my source of unwavering support, here's my take on the classic list of ten:
  1. Water bottles!

  2. Your laundry room smells like it was invaded by an army of wet dogs wearing sweaty socks.

  3. Vacation destinations double as race locations.

  4. You know who Ryan, Paula, Meb, Kara, Haile, Deena, Josh (and a few others) are.

  5. You hear the word fartlek without flinching.

  6. You have witnessed the debilitating effects of chaffing.

  7. A $20 pair of shorts or $100 pair of sneakers seem like bargains.

  8. You enjoy (or endure) the free time that your spouse’s long runs provide.

  9. Though you’d never put your cell phone number on a billboard, you make sure it is prominently displayed on your spouse’s Road ID. (And you know what a Road ID is.)

  10. You say “Have fun!” without any hint of sarcasm to someone about to run twenty miles.

  11. You know which running stores offers a “trade-in” discount when you donate used running shoes to charity.

  12. You know how unappealing your spouse can look even when he/she is wearing as little as is legally allowed. (Even Adonis and Angelina would look frightening after a 10-miler in the summer heat!)

  13. You hug him or her anyway!

Got more to add? Please leave ideas in the comments!

Image: 'Florida Wedding'